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Sample sales day

On January 25th 2020

We are hosting a sample sale in our showroom on Saturday January 25th dedicated to brides looking for a designer’s wedding gown available right now at a fair price!


Should you come early?
We will open the gates at 10am until 1pm.
No appointment needed, first arrived first served!
Once arrived, you will be welcomed in the showroom to make a selection of 3 dresses.
You will get 20min time to try them on in a separate private room assisted by an experienced consultant to guide you.
Note that there will be no entrance to pay.

Which models will be offered?

You will find a selection of models from all the designers we represent : Laure de Sagazan, Rime Arodaky, Charlie Brear, Caroline Takvorian, Beba’s Closet, Margaux Tardits, Lovers Society and Rembo Styling.
There is only one piece in one size available. Size are 36-38-40 depending on the model.
The list of the models available at the sale is not set until the last hour. No list will be shared prior the time of the event !

Which range of prices can you expect?
The prices will start at 500€ for a wedding dress. We will apply up to 70% discounts.

If it is your first time wedding dress fitting:
Maybe this event is too soon for you. You will need to decide quickly if you like the dress or not. Having tried on dresses and knowing what you are looking for is essential to help you not missing a great deal!
In a 20min fitting of 3 dresses you have selected, you will not be given advices such as a traditional fitting of an hour.

Should you bring guests ?
Yes of course you can ! Still, we request no more than 2 guests to avoid overcrowdings of the place.

See you soon !

Love Sweet etc Team