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Curvy Line

September 25th 2018

The curvy line of Love Sweet Etc will finally be available as of end September 2018. We have been carrying the project to be able to offer plus size dresses in the same concept than all th other dresses available in our showroom.

Every bride is unique and it is part of our mission to reveal their beauty on the day of their wedding. Finding the perfect gown to enlight a bride is the key.

We strated this new line, with gowns from a brand we are representing since 2017 : Beba’s Closet. Belén, designer of the brand, has launched a full collection especially created to woman with curves.

We will also add to this line, a few models in a plus size for fitting. For Instance, we beleive thet the wedding gown Fernely from Charlie Brear suits very well brides-to-be with curves. (pictures will soon be available).

Hoping this new curvy line will be succesfull among our brides, we will keep extending the offer.

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Photo : Elodie Deceuninck
Model : Marine instagram #curvybluemarine