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Once upon a time : Rime Arodaky.

Rime Arodaky

She started designing wedding gowns in 2011 in Paris, her hometown. Typical designer representing perfectly the French « savoir-faire », the Rime Arodaky bride is feminine, and wild.

We like : her « sparkling » personality, her abilities to offer each year a new astonishing collection, the line of her dresses that are so flattering for each woman, her opinions she defends strongly chosing only « animal cruelty free » fabrics.

Discover below our exclusive interview of Rime Arodaky

According to you, what is the ideal venue for a wedding ?

Anywhere in the nature : ideally in front of the ocean or on top of a hill or just in front of the sunshine…

Which tradition is the most important to you ? The one you would never forget the day of your wedding ?

The one I cherish is the moment of the mutual vows said in the eyes…

What is the best place for a honeymoon ?

A safari in Kenya or in Tanzania with some nice beaches alike Zanzibar. Otherwise a roadtrip far away (California, Australia…)

What makes you laugh the most in your life ?

Friends, Samantha in sex and the city, my man, Eva my right hand, Flore my dear friend, Andre texeira (photographer and friend)

What do you like the most in yourself?

My abilities to feel empathy and humility. In my work but also the way i defend it towards saving the planete, the animals, … I like my hands and feet too lol !

What is your little flaw that makes your loved ones smile?

I forget I’m wrong I’m confusing I’m zapping… alias Dori in Nemo.

Rime Arodaky


Rime Arodaky

What would you be if you were :

    • An animal: a wolf
    • A time: the Seventies
    • A song: Dreams from Fleetwood Mac
    • A movie or TV series: Love actually
    • A plant / flower / tree: a Parasol Pine
    • A season: Spring but also Christmas. That I love.
    • A moment of the day: in the morning when I hear our son’s tweets
    • A planet: The Moon
    • A fictional character (or one you would like to be): Catwoman or Jem (from Jem & the Holograms)
    • A dessert: an Isfahan or a “nun with a rose”
    • A hashtag: #babe
    • A man: mine

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